Pregnancy Update (Weeks 9-12)

Past Pregnancy Updates:

4-8 Weeks Pregnant

After looking through my notes, I realized that weeks 9-12 of my pregnancy were relatively quiet.

Summary of Weeks 9-12


I was still so sick and unisom and B6 were making my days bearable. If I missed taking my medicine by even 20-30 minutes I was ended up being very nauseous. Ginger ale also helped settle my stomach. In addition to having food aversions, I also could not stand most smells. That in addition to the random bouts of nausea made it very hard to go out and enjoy hanging with family and friends so I usually stayed in bed.

Food Cravings and Food Aversions

Most foods were still disgusting to me including vegetables. I couldn’t eat salad for a while because the thought of it made me sick. Trix cereal was still a fan favorite of mine and the baby but would fade as I progressed into the second trimester.


Although I stayed in bed most of the time, my sleep was getting progressively worse (and continues to get worse). I was probably getting about 4-5 hours of straight sleep a night and would have to take naps during the day. In my last update I mentioned that I was napping during my commute to and from work and in the evenings when I got home. I also was napping all day on Saturdays and Sundays in order to feel somewhat presentable for work come Monday.

Weight Gain

My weight fluctuated between +/- 2 pounds which my doctor thought was great given my starting weight and how much they wanted to gain throughout the pregnancy.

Bi-monthly Updates

9-10 Weeks Pregnant

Week 9 of my pregnancy was a huge milestone for us. During my last pregnancy, we lost our baby during week 8 (even though he or she stopped growing around week 6). So I began feeling more excited and relieved. Due to my excitement, Adam and I went to Buy Buy Baby to check out items we might want to buy for the baby.

Week 10 was also the first time I started tracking my baby bump photos.

We also went to New York City for my 10 year high school reunion. It was also the first time I had seen my mom since telling her that we were expecting. She said I was showing but I explained to her it was just bloating.

My high school reunion was awesome. It was great to see friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time and to catch up on what they were doing with their lives outside of seeing Facebook updates.

11-12 Weeks Pregnant

During weeks 11-12, I celebrated Mothers’ Day (or in my case Mothers’ To Be Day). I also reached hit the 12 weeks pregnant milestone which meant that the chances of miscarriage went down drastically. Of course there is always still a chance that something could go wrong, but it felt so good to hit the 12 week mark. Although I ended up being sick on Mothers’ Day, Adam made sure to get me some small gifts that brightened my mood. These included flowers, a card and some baby clothes for Little Bean.

Our cat checking my Mothers’ To Be Day gift.

I remembered to take a bump photo during week 11.

We also had our 12 week ultrasound and thankfully everything seemed to be progressing as it should. Little Bean’s heartbeat was even stronger than last time, which continued to help soothe my fears.

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