How Much Sharing Is Too Much?

Anyone who knows me in real life would probably tell you that I am an open book. I like sharing what I know or asking questions when I do not understand something. But how much sharing is too much sharing especially on a social platform?

Although it was painful at the time, sharing the story of my miscarriage was therapeutic to me. It was also bittersweet to hear from other women who suffered from miscarriages and knowing how common they are. I felt comfortable sharing this story but what happens when the story includes your child?

Sharing Photos of S Online

S's tiny feet.

My husband and I are still debating how much of S we should put on social media platforms. This includes photos and stories related to her childhood as she grows. We are not ashamed of our daughter in any way and think she’s the most beautiful, intelligent, and sweetest baby on this planet. I have taken a photo of her everyday of her life and would love to share these special moments. We shared some of her newborn photos with the idea that she would change so much so it wouldn’t really matter. Social media platforms make it so much easier to share these photos with people near and far. I also enjoy seeing my friends and their children grow as time goes on. But I am also nervous about photos being out there with all of the hacking and data sharing that is going on today.

When I was growing up, social media was not a big thing until I reached high school. Due to this, I did not have to worry about my photos being put online. Will S wish that we put these photos online or be relieved that we didn’t? She is growing up in a world that partially dominated by social media so maybe she will not care as much? I wish these questions were easy to answer but alas that is life.

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